Georgia René-Worms

05/02/2022 - 04/03/2022

Our Anarchic Bodies

There is these walking moments, in the streets of Cairo, Paris or Athens, when the body seems to fly, as if it were only a veil, a barely discernable breath, like the sigh of a plant dancing in the wind. We can’t make these moments happen, they just happen: we’re like winds in streets and our gazes transpierce everything.

I like to imagine that she entered that stationery shop in Cairo, that she felt so good she even forget her own body, that a little bell went off when the door opened and that she went to look at the notebooks, the pencils, the erasers, until she saw those printed sheets.

She wanted to know everything about them, because she had no reason to do anything but follow her desire at that very moment. Then the shop’s owners showed her how they made these marbled papers, in a workshop where the aluminum vats were a bit dented, wedged into wooden structures polished by the grease of time.

The patterns disintegrated in the vats were like comforting shapes, evoking both excerpts from medical imagery and the phantasmagorical image of the fluids that circulate in her body. She asked them to make few sheets, with whirling shapes of what she imagined was happening in her body.

This marble paper, usually used for bookbindings, transformed like this by this experience, goes with a new extract of a text in perpetual writing.

It is an autobiographical story that calls for other voices, those of women authors, like sisters who also talk about the historical stakes of their bodies.

It is a text about the disease, which like some pathologies have neither

Prints on vinyl

Georgia René-Worms is an author and art worker. She develops experimental art writing, non-fictional narratives where the author strives to honestly represent subjective experience without pretending that a text can be absolutely objective. She considers her research as life experiences where intimacy and work intertwine.