Lukas Panek

09/04/2022 - 07/05/2022

For the show Lukas Panek brings together two Paintings. Climate and Donkey from 2022.

Panek’s images derive from his personal and the collective experience within today's online culture. The digital and global circulation of images functions as source and context: His Images are extracted from News websites and social media platforms juxtaposed with private snapshots. Panek playfully connects image typologies in regards to the genres of painting and photography. He challenges the complexity of representations in regards to anonymity and familiarity and through increasing semiotic complexity aims to diffuse implicated binaries. This tension between the specific and the unspecific also appears in the visual quality of the works. What at first glance seems to imitate the appearance of traditional painting reveals itself as an industrial printing method outsourced to online services - in the same manner as popular image products are produced for homes or commercial displays. The personal reveals itself through painterly gestures which come through the process of digital manipulations before the works are meant to be produced. The subjective act seems therefore to be enclosed in the hermetic surface of the works and reveals an ambiguity between the often seen neutral technologic and the human expression. Oftentimes Panek’s works are an immediate reaction, a comment onto the context in which they are shown.